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Ladies and Gentlemen,

We herewith would like to welcome you on board the

In 1913 , after only 5 years of construction , the Möhnesee reservoir was taken
into operation. The than biggest dam of Europe was mainly designed for the water-supply of the ruhr area.

The dam wall , made of rought stone , is 650 metres long and 40 metres high.
It`s width is 6,25 metres .
The reservoir`s contents is 134 million m3 and the deepest spot is 33 metres.

During the night of the 16th May 1943 , the dam wall was subject to a bomb attack and 77 metres of ist length were damaged as well as 23 metres of ist height.
The immense tidal wave, moving downstream the rivers möhne and ruhr,
inflicted heavy devastationsand killed some 1200 people.
Despite many difficulties due to circumstances at that time , the wall could be repaired during the same year to ensure the continuation of the area`s water supply and distribution.

The main inlets of the reservoir are the river „Möhne“, flowing into it in Völlinghausen
and „Heve“ , coming from the forest of Arnsberg.
A part of the lake is a nature reserve, allowing the preservation of many different types of waterfowls.

On our tour, we will pass the nature reserve „ Hevetal“and the forest of Arnsberg.
There you will have the possibility to change to the shuttle MS KÖRBECKE.
The catamaran arrive Delecke . From there we pass the „Linkturm“
and return to the dam wall.

We hope you`ll enjoy your meal in our self service restaurant and that you will remember this tour as a pleasent stay at the „Möhnesee“, also called „ The Westfphalian Sea“ .

The captain and his crew would like to wish you a pleasant trip over the lake.